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The world is circular

Life is full of pattetns, all living patterns have a beginning and an end. Night is to day, as rain to sunshine. Earth rotates on its axis in an elliptical or circular,motion and other planets as well.
Motion is relevant as so is time, in a dynamic world when time stops for you and me even the,roses you stop to smell are only there temporarily. Live life, the time is now, you can only change your future,in the time that will be gone.


It came to me one afternoon, that our thoughts, dreams, fears, passions, desires are all originating in our mind. Could it be that not only happiness, but our deepest desires tangible or intangible all originate from one’s cerebral activity, and can be achieved only through a series or sequence of thoughts, leading to actions, ultimately deciding whether one can attain a desired outcome. Our perceptions of life are interlinked deep within the neurons in ones mind, and living is relevant to one’s thoughts, which has been argued to be a relevant surreal reality. One’s Utopia is hidden in the abyss of not only our mind but our history and future. It is throughout self reflection, our previous interactions with failure, as well as looking at the past, history from which we learn from others and our inner most desires, which act as a catalyst in our motivating that we are able to achieve a successful outcome, given that the changing variables in our environment are favorable. In other words how can one find success in a world where the odds are against us? Can we figure out the sequence to success? How can one find perfection in an imperfect world? There is no process rather the key to ones happiness and success, is knowing thyself.

“We can be the change we want to see in the world” , it all starts with knowing who one is.